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As KBE Petroleum, we are attentive to support any production in every step of the way. This means having the capacity, capability, the resources and the commitment to go an extra mile so that you can freely rely on our reliable lubrication services.

Using reliable lubrication services can often be an advantage and success factor for any production company. With KBE Petroleum, you can rely on our plant operators, managers and engineers in providing best technical support, product, equipment and services.

On time service delivery is at the heart of production. With KBE Petroleum, you can look forward to a lubrication solution that can extend both machine uptime and service intervals for higher production. Higher reliability also helps to reduce maintenance and operating costs, while ease of use helps lower handling costs. With KBE Petroleum Lubrication Management tools and IT systems we can help you calculate return on investment and discuss your lubrication needs.

Less lubrication is better for the environment. What’s more, an optimally lubricated machine is a more energy efficient machine.
KBE Petroleum is striving to produce and supply reliable
lubes and fuels within our filling stations, parastatals,
government organizations, industrials and mining sector

We at KBE Petroleum as a premium producer of
lubricants we plan to expand within the oil market at a
business core. Furthermore our focus is constantly
looking ahead, updating, growing and exhibiting quality
oil products at all times.

We take pride in regards to KBE Petroleum lubricants as
one of the best within the African oil market and we
commit ourselves in building continuous reputation as an
innovative and first class lubes and fuels company.

Our company shall operate in South Africa and our
neighbouring countries in partnering with established oil
and investment companies to meet any supply demand
and on time deliveries for our clients.

IT software systems and testing equipments for fuels and
lubes will be introduced by KBE Petroleum in order to
enhance the production of our clients as a result of
relaying client satisfaction and better environmental
issues along with petroleum safety and health standards.
At KBE Petroleum, we are in line with the next
generation of electric distribution charging service
stations from solar carports, sidewalks to packing
garages rather than fuel service stations only.

Our company is committed in energy efficiency where
less energy shall be used in providing the same
energy services with the aim of prolonging the life of
our environment. Manufacturing fuels and lubes with
less emissions and harm to the environment its one of
our company objectives to save the environment. 

Designing, developing and distributing house hold and
office appliances that will help reduce the power usage
of electricity it’s also one of our attentive objectives of
saving power and future environment. We plan to
extend our services in manufacturing house hold
building material that will use solar to produce energy.     

The future is green, or is it? Who are changing the
world for the better and why is ‘green’ the answer? As
we focus our view on green solutions and eco-friendly
systems we are subject to the latest technologies and
ideas that will change the future for ever. We give
hope for a greener tomorrow.
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KBE Petroleum™ Lubricants
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Bulk fuels and lubes supply, lubrication services, energy efficiency and multi-fuels & lubes testing
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